Dice City Helped Me Write

May 1, 2021

I am a huge fan of Noir. In my younger years I would search for anything Noir related. Movies, series, comic books, video games, etc. After a while I got into writing and naturally the two concepts converged. Culinary Courtesy was the first Dice City story I wrote and I remember specifically the challenges it brought.

The scenes at times were either too descriptive or not descriptive enough. I would search out advice and that advice would conflict. I would show it to friends and they couldn't see the story for all of its much needed editing flaws.

Finally I learned my lesson. Just keep writing. Often, if not always, your first draft of a story will be trash but that's ok. It's really just the bones at the beginning of breathing life into the final product. After many more passes and even breaks, the story will coalesce. I am now a firm believer that writers rush too often. Whether that be because of deadlines, stress, or even that trying to grab the wind feeling we all get when we want to accomplish something, stop. Slow down. Just write, edit later.

I have now written so many Dice City stories that I have a completed Novella, entitled Dice City: The Secret Of The Blue Shaw that I am shopping around for publishing. Since its completion I have since written 19 more Dice City stories. So my advice, as simple of an opinion as it is, just keep writing.