Dice City: Culinary Courtesy

April 25, 2021

Mr. Caldlow has lived in Dice his whole life. He knows it's streets better than the back of his hand. He worked for those at the top and those at the bottom fully aware that there wasn't much difference between the two. The Lucky Penny was a common stop for him as his former employer owned the well know yet secretive club. He had been there many times but today for the first time, standing in the rain at the front entrance, he shivered. Not because he was chilled, but because the world was so cold.

Thank you for listening to Dice City: Culinary Courtesy with Fabricating Fiction. 

Special thanks to Timothy Tsistinas for narration, music composition, and performance.

Joshua C. Myers as the voice of Mr. Caldlow & audio/video editing.

Tiffany R. Hyde as the voice of Mrs. Caldlow.

Andrew C. Hyde as the voice of the old bartender, the Head Chef, writing, and quality control. 

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